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Please read below before submitting a support ticket





PLEASE NOTE : We only offer free support on server hosting or email issues on our side.  If support is for a client side issue we simply charge for our time spent on the issue.. ie lost passwords, email and website changes/issues/questions or support.. see paid support examples tab.

 There is a minimum charge of $50  each time a client submits a client side support/maintenance issue.




If your website is down or you are having issues with your emails then continue reading below, otherwise please see our Paid Support Examples tab below.

Please use the ticket system as your first point of contact if you think there is problem with your emails or website hosting. Please check our our F.A.Q section first as most questions have been answered there.

Submitting a ticket to the support centre gets top priority and the quickest service (tickets get answered before phone calls) . This will allow us to log your request and address it asap. If we cannot sort out request by email, we will then email you for a convenient time to call you.

Office Hours: Support is available: 9am – 4pm Mon – Fri. The help desk is closed on weekends and public holidays. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.



For client side issues please see below.


Paid Support Examples


  • I want to change my website but need a hand making the changes.
  • I have lost my password and login details ( note we do not keep passwords so we have to reset and send you a new one )
  • Can you give me advice or instructions on how to do something ie setup emails, change passwords for me, change website content.
  • I want you guys to do it for me, as its all a bit too technical.
  • I don’t have time can you do it for me.
  • I have deleted a page/content by accident, can you please fix for me.
  • I want to add a new section, how do I do it.
  • I think my website has been hacked can you fix it for me.
  • Something has gone wrong with my website can you please look at it.
  • I forgot how to do something, can you send me instructions again.

Simply email us your issue on the support form below and we will base cost on $50 for up to 30 minutes of support.

Minimum cost is $50.


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